Optimum results and the results expected by the client

Depurfiltech, S.L., offers its clients a team made up of a supervisor and several qualified operators for partial or total changes of filter bags, cages, cartridges, etc. They can handle cranes, lifts, welding plates, ducts, etc. And we offer the customer the possibility:

  • Evaluation of the needs in a previous supervision visit:
    • Filtering
    • Guidelines and needs demanded by the client in order to offer the maximum safety for the health of the people.
  • Carry out periodic checks.
  • Analysing the situation of the filtering elements to assess their condition and take corrective measures if necessary.
  • Management of the rental of lifts, showers, containers, etc. Removal of the waste to an AUTHORISED MANAGER.
  • We carry out the proposed works within the stipulated deadlines and stops.


We interact in a very effective way with the property by means of an operating protocol to ensure the final result of the work is optimal and as the client expects.

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