Actively engaged, our legacy


My legacy, your legacy, their legacy...


SUSTAINABILITY to GENERATE a BALANCE in which we are ALL immersed.


They were on the planet before us, RESPECT THEM and take care of their ENVIRONMENT.


WE EVOLVE generation after generation, COMMIT, our LIVES depend on it.




SUN balances the system, WATER let us taste you PURE, and with renewed strength we will ALWAYS CARE for you..


IF we preserve the environment, THE CROPS will thank us.


RECYCLING feels good.

We supply eco-efficient products for the protection of the environment

In this way we optimise the purification of industrial pollution (dry/liquid way) and manage related integral maintenance services, with a human, technical and professional team that offers our clients the guaranteed result of their experience in industrial filtration.

We approach our Integrated Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Management System as a way of organising your business life, based on the basic pillars of service and process quality to achieve full customer satisfaction, environmental protection and the prevention of damage and deterioration of health to eliminate or minimise risks to our employees and other interested stakeholders.

Legal fulfilment

Fulfil the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as other requirements subscribed to by the organisation, related to the activity carried out by the company, the environment and health and safety at work.

Environmental protection

To protect the environment, assuming the commitment to prevent pollution, through the rational consume of resources, avoiding wastage, the correct management of effluents, promoting the 3 Rs philosophy application, and carrying out a continuous effort to minimise the environmental impact of our activity through the control of the significant environmental aspects.

Health prevention

Prevent damage and deterioration of health, not only of our own employees, but also of all stakeholders related to the work carried out by our Organisation.

Safe working environment

To provide and maintain, for all employees, a working environment safe and secure, without health and safety hazards, and adequate in terms of facilities and arrangements for their well-being at work.

Workplace awareness

To raise awareness among all employees that they are obliged to look after their own health and safety and that the example of their personal behaviour is essential.

Customer satisfaction

Ensure total customer satisfaction, giving them the quality, they expect and to which we are committed, fulfilling the needs and requirements defined by them.

Continuous quality improvement

Constant progress towards the continuous improvement of quality, safe working conditions and environmental management, doing the right things at first time, which will allow us to reduce costs and obtain a better harnessing /use of the productive means.

Competitive differentiation

Reinforce our competitive position, working with quality, ensuring safe working conditions and projecting an image of respect for the environment in a systematic way, provides prestige and is a solid argument that differentiates us from our competitors.

Effective process control

Effectively control all processes, analysing the operation and possible deviations from planning, implementing the necessary corrective measures and opportunities for improvement that arise, seeking to offer an effective and efficient service at all times.

Diffusion of quality policy

Promote an understanding and diffusion of this policy with transparency criteria, within the Organisation, integrating our suppliers and clients in the commitment.

Human and technical resources

To provide the necessary resources, both human as well as technical, to ensure all of the above.

Green energy

All the electricity we consume comes from 100% renewable energy, certified by AXPO company, as well as the fact that all the lighting components are LED technology. The waste generated as a result of our activity in all our processes, whether at a productive or administrative level, etc., are deposited in the centres for this purpose, by authorised waste managers.

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