Our objective value
your TRUST


Our values are established, to protect what is most important.... THE PERSON


At Depurfiltech we have the means and tools necessary to complete the function that the CUSTOMER COMMENDS us to do.


ALL around a shared goal

Specialists in offering effective solutions for all types of filters or dust collectors in different industrial sectors.

Depurfiltech, S.L., is a company located in the town of Alonsotegui (Biscay), whose more than 30 years of experience in the field of industrial filtration, both dry and liquid, specifically in the collection of dust and gases from industrial filters, give us a great experience in the optimisation of this type of installations, obtaining success with guaranteed results.

Our basic function is to undertake partial or integral solutions for all types of filters or dust collectors in different industrial sectors, such as: steelworks, foundries, cement works, incinerators, ceramics, mining, alloys, carbon black, asphalt, pharmaceuticals, food, wood, lime, plaster, paints, aluminium, biomass, chemicals, etc.

Our vital achievement is that the person, human beings, animals, nature, live together in a CLEAN AIR environment.

In order to achieve this, when manufacturing the felt and making the filter bags, we use the best technological tools available on the market. We have a complete range of products that offers our customers the most suitable solution for their needs.

Our main goal, which defines us as a company, is based on three slogans that make us surpass the expectations that the customer places in us, such as:

  • Our objective value, your trust.
  • Your trust makes us improve.
  • We improve to generate quality of life for the most important being...THE PERSON.

Manufacture and maintenance of needle punched felt filter bags for dust collectors and filter cloths for filter presses.

Our activity is focused on the supply of eco-efficient products for the protection of the environment, optimising the purification of industrial pollution (dry way; filter bags, such as liquid way; filter cloths), and management of related comprehensive maintenance services.

We manufacture high quality products for dust and gas collection filters, in all industrial sectors, as well as filtering articles for wastewater treatment, etc.

Video presentation of Valmet company, partner of Depurfiltech.

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